Chris Emery & The Ramble



Starts: 03/08/2024 7:30 pm Ends: 10:30 pm

The Blue Piano LIVE Presents :

Chris Emery & The Ramble: A collective of the Midland’s most esteemed and versatile musicians make their debut at The Blue Piano on Saturday 3rd August & we cannot wait!

Ladies & Gentlemen.. music lovers…this is a brand spanking new project from a most familiar source… a musical dish served to delight your musical palette…seasoned with a well prepared mix of country, blues & pop magic.
“The Ramble” is the collaborative musical brain child of much loved Birmingham drumming stalwart Chris Emery… Fusing together styles & genres from every corner of his melodic imagination.

Chris is no stranger to the Blue Piano, having stopped by countless times during the course of his 20 year career, with just about every-musical-body, including as a member of the legendary “Steve Gibbons Band”…& we’re thrilled to welcome him back again as he launches his new venture.

Christie Reeves will be joining…CHRIS EMERY & THE RAMBLE as special guest on SATURDAY 3RD AUGUST!

Christie’s haunting, melodic voice & tuneful, rhythmic ukulele & guitar playing will have you all captivated from the word go!

Known for writing music with the ‘catch’ & ‘more-ish’ sound of pop, entwined with the ethereal lyrics & instrumentation of folk…
Christie Reeves is already reaching thousands worldwide with her ever growing digital presence & loving audience…you are all in for a treat!
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This is sure to be one of the must-see shows of the summer & without a doubt there is no better setting to experience this than in the beautiful surroundings of the Blue Piano Garden

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Michael Bradd

Michael Bradd