The Blue Piano LIVE: Manola Bandinu Band

Friday 31st May

Modern Latin Jazz & Jazz Fusion tunes you love & tunes you forgotten you loved with a delicious twist…

Music lovers this is a new project delivered to you by Manola Bandinu & her band – NOT TO BE MISSED!

Line up:

Manola Bandinu ~ Vocals

Chris Brown ~ Drums

Ola Brown ~ BVs

Fitz Storrod ~ Keys

Patrick White ~ Bass

  • Bar/garden/restaurant open: 5pm
  • Music: 7.30pm •
  • Free entry.

Come join us in the beautiful surroundings of The Blue Piano & create musical memories️️ Bio⬇️

Manola Bandinu was born and raised in Sardinia and has been in the industry since she was 14 years old.

Being the daughter of an accomplished drum player in the 60s and surrounded by music since she was a child, a creative passion for several music genres developed an influenced, jazzy-fusion performance was born…

From humble beginnings in local bands, Manola performed on various stages around Italy, gaining attention and appreciation for her vocality and stage presence from well known Italian artists and musicians.

Currently, her prolific creativity is exploring and developing musical expression with her personal project which sees her and her band perform well known hits in a jazzy-fusion style.

Manola wanted a specific sound for her project and this has been achieved by collaborating with Mr Patrick White on bass and adding Chris Brown on drums, Fitz Starrod on keyboard and the sultry Ms Ola Brown on backing vocals.

Be prepared because Manola loves to be surrounded by her musical friends, so the family can expand quite easily with other incredible musicians and singers added to the mix!

Manola is a seasoned professional when it comes to all musical things; from performing and producing to managing and sound engineering.